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All Reviews for DiscovrIt

Diken Jain

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October 4, 2019

worst experience ever

I was part of 21st to 28th September 2019 batch to Spiti valley. I would not recommend Discovrit to anyone. They are not worthy of even a single star

Lack of communication from company representatives to group members and also within the company. They don't take feedback/complaints seriously. 

Here is the list of bad encounters I had with them in a single trip. 

1) Unsafe pick up point in Delhi. After reaching pick up point, we were informed by locals to move to a different location as it was not safe to wait over there. Group leader was the last one to arrive at pick up point.

2) I came to know Chitkul and Pin valley were removed from itinerary after reaching pick up point in Delhi. No prior communication was made regarding the same. Tough we were charged for chitkul and pin valley.

3) Before making partial payment we were informed that there would be a group of 15 +/- 2. At the time of full payment, we were informed that there are 8 members in the group. At the pick up point, tour leader informed us that there was a last minute cancellation of 4 people in group and hence only 4 of us took the trip. Later we found that 4 people who did not turn up were from DISCOVRIT TEAM. They were added as dummies to increase group strength. Proof can be provided on request. I would never trust Discovrit team henceforth as they had been LYING from start.

4) No proper tent arrangement at Chandratal. Tent organizers denied any pre-booking from Discovrit. 3 of us were accommodated in a single tent, tough we paid for double sharing. 

5) They don't take safety of women/girls seriously. False promises were made to female member regarding gender ratio. Female member was asked to share tent with fellow male travelers 

Had to make multiple calls, continuously for 4 days to get founder on phone and  put forward our concerns. But even after that they did not take things seriously and hence, I had to post this review.


Sanchit Malhotra

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February 26, 2020

bhavna aggarwal

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December 30, 2020

Don't Trust or Travel with Discovrit | Worst Experience

We had booked a 5 days travel trip to Himachal (during Christmas) for a group of 9, trusting the DiscovrIT team and the experience was quite unpleasant.

1. Discovrit booked a 12 seater tempo traveler for my group. The vehicle was in pathetic condition (lowest model of the vehicle booked). Bad pick-up of the vehicle for the hill state route
2. Driver was highly unprofessional & unexperienced. Could not follow GPS navigation. Unaware of the route and terrain. Even if Google map directed to staringht, dont know why it used to take always a wrong turn. A 13 hrs journey was converted to 24 hours of torture.
3. Because of farmers protest, we beforehand discussed with Discovrit team about border securities and route, and they ensured that we don't need to worry. However, the driver was not informed of correct route to exit from Delhi and we ended up wasting 3-4 hrs within Delhi itself
4. Reaching to our destination i.e. Mcleodganj, the Hotel Nirvana booked for us, was again in pathetic state. Reaching the hotel was the next challenge as it is build at a steep slope, where traveler could not reach. 
5. Hotel Nirvana's hospitality is to be rated zero. Their 100% focus was on money making, instead of offering a conformable stay to the guests. We requested for bonfire, but they mentioned that they could not arrange. Finally we had to struggle ourselves to get dry wood arranged. No proper hot water in the rooms. No proper winter based bedding or quilts provided. You cannot party at the hotel after 11pm. No good food, tea or coffee.
6.  Coming to trek & camping, it was promised that proper bedding & blankets would be provided. On reaching the camp site, we were provided only 1 blanket to 9 ppl. On requesting for more, they mentioned that we dont have any. We had to survive -7/-8 degree temperature without any sleep. The night was torturous. Fortunately all of us returned in good health. Thank God!
7. During return as well, the traveler took almost 24hrs to reach back Delhi. Our office schedule was impacted as a result. Driver was just trying to waste kms, dont know why! 
8. Because of so many hours wasted in Travel, we had to cancel one of our destination.

2 stars only for the stay booked for us at Jibhi-Jalori Pass (Sojha Holiday Inn). It was also a 3 star hotel, but the hospitality was no less than 5-star. The hotel staff was quite considerate and did their best to make the stay comfortable for their guests. Loved the entire staff's service. Food was delicious. They felt responsible for their guests good health and safety.

Conclusion- Don't trust Discovrit for your travel plans. For sure, you will regret