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The Bright Side Of Covid-19: 7 Opportunities Of The Current Pandemic

The Bright Side Of Covid-19: 7 Opportunities Of The Current Pandemic

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April 4, 2020 . 3 min


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The Monty Python song “Always look on the bright side of life” let’s take this into consideration & make the best of what the crisis is giving us.

Opportunity 1: More time

In today’s overheated economy time is often seen as the most valuable and sparse thing we have.
The opportunity is that we can spend this time on other things—or even better, on nothing and enjoy the free time.

Opportunity 2: Reflect and reconsider

This offers a great opportunity to rethink our habits and routines and make changes.
The virus forces you to make changes to your daily life that you might actually want to keep also after the crisis.

Opportunity 3: Speed and innovation

Many organizations suffer from slow procedures, complex bureaucracies and rigid hierarchies making organizational life less than pleasant. The coronavirus has forced many of them to break through these rigid systems and act instantly.
Suddenly procedures can be accelerated, rules can be side-tracked and decisions can be made more autonomously.

Opportunity 4: Better meetings

The current crisis has forced us to rethink how we deal with meetings.
The technology for this is already present and mature for a couple of years, but the coronavirus triggers a sudden need for it

Opportunity 5: Reconnect and help

Challenging times offer a great opportunity for social bonding and other ways of connecting to and helping people. Of course, not being able to visit friends or family has increased isolation and feelings of loneliness in some cases.
However, while it triggers self-serving egocentric behavior too, the Covid-19 crisis does provide us the opportunity to reconnect and show our social side.

Opportunity 6: Cleaner environment

Covid-19 causes a significant reduction in green house gasses and other air, water and land polluting outputs.
The current crisis provides us an opportunity to reconsider our lives and reorganize it in a way that has less impact on our planet.

Opportunity 7: Modesty and acceptance

The coronavirus is not man-made and yet disrupts lives across the planet. As such, the virus shows us that, no matter how well-planned and organized we are and no matter how much we live in the Anthropocene—the era characterized by significant human impact—we are not in control.
It provides an opportunity to take a more modest role and accept that many things are simply beyond our control.


Once again, the Covid-19 crisis has a large dark side. But as these seven opportunities show, it has positive sides as well. In that sense, and if we keep on looking at the brighter sides of life, the longer the crisis lasts, the larger the opportunities are and the bigger the chances are of actually making changes to our deeply rooted habits and convictions.

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April 4, 2020

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