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List Of Long Holidays In 2020 To Help You Plan Your Vacations In Advance!

List Of Long Holidays In 2020 To Help You Plan Your Vacations In Advance!

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December 30, 2019 . 4 min


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2020 is just around the corner and most of us are already wondering about the long weekend holidays in the upcoming year. Mostly to travel plans and book flights and hotels well in advance for a cheaper price. We feel you completely. And so, we've curated the list of the long weekends of 2020 so you could plan your itineraries now and save some bucks while you are at it.

  1. February 21 is Maha Shivratri, which falls on Friday and is an optional holiday/scheduled holiday for some. You have Saturday and Sunday following it, so you could take the Monday off and take a weekend trip someplace nice.
    Where to go?- February is also great for Goa, while you can also head to McLeodganj to celebrate the Tibetan New Year that falls on February 24.

  2. March 10, which falls on a Tuesday, is a holiday on account of Holi. If one takes leave on Monday (March 9), it becomes an extended weekend of 4 days from March 7 to 10.
    Where to go? - Vrindavan would be a great option, as this is where the best Holi celebration of India takes place.

  3. April 2 is Ram Navami, which is an optional holiday, and this falls on a Thursday. Then, you can take off on Friday, after which comes Saturday and Sunday. April 6, Monday, is Mahavir Jayanti, which is also an optional holiday.

    April is also the month when Good Friday is observed, and it is on April 10 in 2020. So you have an off on this day, and combine Saturday and Sunday, you can make a short weekend getaway! But if you manage to get a holiday on Monday, great things can happen to your travel life.

    Where to go? - April is Spring time, and this is the month when hill destinations such as Sikkim and Darjeeling would have beautiful weather. So, go out and experience the beauty of springtime in the lap of the Himalayas.

  4. May 1 is Labour Day, which is again an optional holiday that falls on a Friday. You can combine Saturday and Sunday, and take the Monday off to make it a great weekend getaway.

    Again, on May 7, is Buddha Purnima, and this is a Thursday. So you can take the Friday off, and then combine Saturday and Sunday.

    May 25 is the date for Eid ul Fitr, which is a Monday, so you can take the previous Friday off, and go somewhere far.

    Where to go? - May is a good time to explore the verdant hills of Himachal Pradesh.

  5. Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Purnima falls on August 3, and this is a Monday. So once again, you have the Saturday and Sunday off, and thus a three-day weekend getaway with your siblings and family.

    Onam falls on August 31, which is a Monday, and this would be optional holiday for certain parts of India.

    Where to go? - You have to go to Kerala on Onam, or head to the northeast, especially to Mawsynram to experience the beauty of monsoon. Some would even say that Goa is a good option as this is off season, and Goa is soaked with rain.

  6. October 2 is Gandhi Jayanti, which is a National Holiday, and it turns out that this is on a Friday! So once again you have a Saturday and Sunday after that for a short weekend getaway.

    Unfortunately, Dussehra this year is on a Sunday.

    Where to go? - Head to the Western Ghats to welcome autumn.

  7. Bhai Dooj (optional holiday) falls on November 16, which is a Monday, and Diwali is on November 14, which is Saturday. So take the Friday off, and you have an eventful weekend full of fun and frolic. November 30 is Guru Nayak Jayanti, which is an optional holiday in some parts of India. November 30 is a Monday, and there you have another long weekend.

    Where to go? - Experience the charm of this month in places such as MunnarThekkady, Lamahatta, or even the beaches of West Bengal.

  8. December 25, Christmas Day falls on a Friday, so once again you have a Saturday and Sunday. On the other hand, January 1, 2021, falls on a Friday. So you can take the Thursday off, and welcome the new year in style!

    Where to go? - Experience Christmas and New Year in Goa, or head out to Thailand for a smashing new year party.

Here you go! Make sure you make the most of all these holidays and fill up your instagram feed with exciting photographs & videos.

Reference : Times Of India

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