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Visit These Getaway Places To Keep Your Sanity And Have An Insane Solo Traveling Experiences!

Visit These Getaway Places To Keep Your Sanity And Have An Insane Solo Traveling Experiences!

Content Writer at TrustVardi

June 18, 2019 . 3 min


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Wanna stop moving in packs? Travel solo!

Well millennials, enough of surrendering yourself to the 9 to 5 jobs and the demanding daily chores, it is now time to make the summers all about yourselves! If you're in search of solitude and looking for an escape from the monotony of hanging out with your usual clan, don't be hard on yourselves while searching for the perfect solution as TrustVardi has the list of the most perfect brands that will help you make your trip a successful one. 

1. Make Trips To Villages With 'Not On Map'

Not On Map

Solo trips are all about stepping out of your comfort zones and with Not On Map you can have the most beautiful experience while doing so! Not On Map is at your service to help you meet your 'Hunger For Culture'. They're all about helping you with a great time widening your real connections above your virtual ones and living the life of locals to explore the diversity in culture of our local villages.

To Know More, Not On Map

2. Be Part Of The High Vibration Community At 'KYO Spaces'

KYO Spaces

If looking away from your work fills you with guilt and gets you off your schedule, but you're simultaneously willing to sneak in some time to relax then Kyo Spaces is the right stop for you! Along with beautiful co-living and co-working spaces they also offer a slew of courses like Yoga and Acupuncture that help you experience solace and serenity.

To Know More, KYO Spaces

3. Relax And Recharge At 'Rakkh'


At Rakkh its all about roam, relax and reconnect! To experience the charm of nature while building your list of the visited places, Rakkh says... Phones off! Well, follow what they say and they'll help you with the best experience of a solo trip, where you'll meet a lot of others like yourselves and get the chance to connect as well as enjoy the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. You'll surely have the best time relaxing and clearing your mind of the clutter of everyday life.

To Know More, Rakkh

4. 'The Goat Village' Helps With A Perfect Getaway

The Goat Village

To experience the new blend of Eco-Tourism, Agro-Tourism, and Rural-Tourism do not forget to make a haul at The Goat Village! They're special 'Pay What You Like' program for tourists is definitely an inviting concept for adventure seekers and budget tourists. The guests are also welcome to join the farming practices and contribute to reviving old traditions of farming and associated practices.

To Know More, The Goat Village

I'm sure these amazing getaway places are gonna help you keep your sanity alive after the hectic daily schedules. Your solo trip is definitely going to fill you up with a new zeal and confidence after your return. Although solo trips can also be challenging, but as it is said, a traveltra must be happy, not perfect! These places will positively help you with an awesome escape. So, pack your bags and get set going!

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June 18, 2019

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