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4 Web Portals Delivering Hangover Kits That All The Party Animals Need To Get RN!

4 Web Portals Delivering Hangover Kits That All The Party Animals Need To Get RN!

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January 11, 2019 . 3 min


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If your idea of an ideal weekend is going out pub hopping with your friends and spending the night away eating, drinking and dancing, then we're also sure that you know what a bad hangover feels like! As fun as it is to drink till you drop, the dehydration and head pounding that follows the next day is simply unbearable. But why fear when we're here! We have made a list some websites that create amazing hangover kits that all you party animals need to order up right away!

1. Oye Happy

oye happy

Love to drink till your internal organs are dead until the next party? If you're shaking your head in a yes, then Oye Happy’s hangover kit is just what you need! This kit is designed to look like a first aid kit and comes loaded with all your post-must-haves haves like a barf bag, mint chocolates, chewing gum, mouth spray, a booklet with hangover cures and 3 super cool acrylic badges. So go ahead and order this for yourself and all your not-so-sober friends right away. 

Price - Rs 1,190
Shop For The Kit Online Here - Oye Happy 
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2. The Dotted I  

the dotted1

Oh, we’re totally in love with this one! The super-cool Modern Day Recovery kit from Dotted I will make sure you don’t regret that 6th shot of vodka from last night! This kit comes with a funky Hungover eye mask, a headache bag, some band-aids, after party pills, Electral drink and mints, basically all the hangover essentials in one place. Ordering one for yourself, yet?

Price - Rs 800 
Shop For The Kit Online Here - The Dotted I
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3. Engrave  


The lovely people at Engrave understand that a bad hangover can never mean you don’t party again and that’s why their cool hangover kit is next on our list! This one comes with Himalaya PartySmart to relieve you from the bad aftermaths of alcohol, Nature Valley Crunchy Oats & Chocolate bar, 2 Nescafe sachet (do we really need to tell you for what?!), mints and more hangover essentials to make your next day more bearable! 

Price - Rs 550 
Shop For The Kit Online Here - Engrave
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We’re sure by now you must have realised the importance of hangover kits, right? So we really don’t need to get in the details as to why you need this kit from Cooliyo! This hangover kit comes with an eye mask, a headache pack, a bunch of band-aids, party pills, Electral drink and mints.

Price - Rs 850 
Shop For The Kit Online Here - Cooliyo
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So don’t spend the morning following the party holding your head and puking your guts out, just get one of these kits and have a sane hangover day! 

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January 11, 2019

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