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Feed Your Fitness Fancies With Scrumptious Keto Meals Delivered By Food Darzee Just @233/- Per Box!

Feed Your Fitness Fancies With Scrumptious Keto Meals Delivered By Food Darzee Just @233/- Per Box!

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June 20, 2019 . 2 min


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It is not the easiest thing to reach a fitness goal, and without the right diet, it is absolutely impossible! The pre-workout meals, the post workout meals, and whatnot, there's just a lot to be taken care of. In this era where Ketogenic Diet has low-key become the saviour diet, it is also demanding enough to keep up with its entire process of prepping meals. And as a matter of fact, we all know that the post-workout tiredness never leads us to the kitchen. All these problems finally have a bang on solution!

What's the talk about?
We've recently picked up about some new 'Darzees' in town who are going to sew up the low carbs, high fats, and right amount of proteins into your meal and top it all with fine flavours, to give you the healthiest, yet the most scrumptious food items of a keto diet at your doorstep! Sounds exciting? We've got more to share with you!

Food Darezee

So, the Mumbai based company 'Food Darzee(as they call themselves) is finally here in Delhi and Gurugram. All you need to do is hit up the Food Darzee website, sign up for a weight loss plan that suits your fitness goal, and wait to be contacted by their nutritionists, who will create a customized keto diet plan and workout schedule just for you! And once you're good to go, they're going to be all heads up to deliver your meals four times a day! If you think that's too much already, then wait for the next reveal. You're gonna have your ears up when we tell you that each meal box is just @233/-. Although we have heard that their monthly pack is a little pricey, don't you think this crash diet is worth the deal? You can also get the meals delivered anywhere as per your convenience and for any number of days you would like! This bootstrapped company started by four school batchmates, Siddhant Bhargava, Anik Bhandari, Anirudh Ganeriwal, and Devaj Jhunjhunwala, is doing wonders and has served over 10k customers till now.

Food Darzee

What next?
So, are you ready to be guided through the keto diet for weight loss journey? If you're still in a dilemma you must know that Food Darzee has also gained enough popularity in the health-conscious entertainment industry giving out the best results. So fellas, pick out your plans, drop your worries, and enjoy the yummy meals to have the chiselled body you've always been craving for. 


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June 20, 2019

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